Community Outreach

Part of our mission at INCEPTION Dance Theater is to provide community outreach and involvement to those people who may think that dance is too “out of bounds” for them. So what does that mean exactly? It means if you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance, or do a dance performance we are going to provide opportunities to make that a reality. It means that we don’t want to perform just because we love performing, we want to perform to have an impact on the community, to change peoples perspectives, even if it’s just for a day.

A recent example of how this can be accomplished is in the video below. Inceptions very own Joshua D. Deininger, helped to coordinate a Flash Mob in Pike Place Market as part of a World Wide flash mob for Life Vest Inside. The flash mob was to promote world wide kindness day. It started with a freeze mob, where people froze in position of kindness – giving flowers, tying someones shoe, taking a photo, holding an umbrella. After 4 minutes the freeze dispersed and the flash mob began. Check out the video below.

Except for Josh, and the 3 little girls joining him in front, the entire flash mob, over 40 people, was comprised of non-dancers. Ordinary people who wanted to be part of a movement.

This is how it happened. The word was spread through e-mail, personal contacts, and social media outlets. Those who were interested received a link to a YouTube video tutorial for the dancing. On the day of the event everyone met in a hotel ballroom and a rehearsal was lead by Josh Deininger for an hour. Everyone then went to Pike Place and it began.

It may seem like a simple process, but the impact was huge. As you watch the video you can see the looks on peoples faces as they realize what’s going on, the excitement, the anticipation. Total, the freeze/flash mob lasted about 8 minutes but the effects lasted all day. Here are some examples of what people were saying on Facebook afterward.

“I loved it when people came up and posed next to me for a picture while I was frozen! The whole thing was great, but the best moment is the high five at the very end….just perfect.”

“Yesterday was one of the most fun days of my entire life. My smile muscles hurt. I think I need to exercise them more often.”

“I was still doing the dance moves this morning. Can’t get them (or the songs) out of my head. :)

“[My son] and I can’t either! After it was over yesterday, I was still so excited about it I wanted to get out there and dance again!!!”

On top of this excitement, those involved continued to share message of World Kindness Day by handing out business cards promoting awareness, giving coffee or tea or money to homeless people in the area, and helping people in wheel chairs across the street.

This event wasn’t run by Inception, we just had a small hand in contributing to it, but it was a success within the Seattle community. We hope that you want to be part of our next endeavor. As always to find out more, stay up to date on our webs tie,, and follow us on Twitter at We hope to have you dancing with us soon!

You Are Not A Machine

In the past 200 years there has been an accelerated advancement in technology. If someone needed to get somewhere they used to walk, run, or ride a horse. Then came the train, the personal automobile, and flight. Humans went from an average speed of 4 miles per hour to having the ability to travel faster then the speed of sound. All because of machines. As our ability to transfer ourselves more quickly has increased so has our rate of transferring and receiving information. We’ve gone from personal messengers, to letter mail, telegram, phone calls, to e-mail, text messaging, and video calls. We live in a world of fast cars, and iPads, instant communication, and entertainment on demand. We used to go the the theater, now we can get what we want, when we want it, on the platform we want it on. We are connected or plugged in almost 100% of the time and most people don’t deny it, in fact many people thrive on it. In a world of constant electronic stimulation how does live theater and dance stay relevant? The answer is simple. You are not a machine. A machine wakes you up in the morning, a machine cooks your breakfast, a machine takes you to work, you work on or with machines, then you come home to kick back and relax by entertaining yourself with a machine. But you are not machine.

Ballet has been in existence for more than 300 years, traditional modern dance for more than 100 years now. Over time the idea of what technique is has evolved and been elevated. Technical perfection has been stressed so much over time that now days when you go to theater you get see fantastic technical execution. And that’s it. The audience sits in their seat and they get observe someones idea of the “perfect” body execute a set of steps with machine like precision. But you are not a machine, so why would you want to entertain yourself by watching another machine?

Dancing isn’t about the technical precision. Teens don’t go to a high school dance to execute the perfect dance with their partners, adults don’t go to the club to get out on the dance floor and demonstrate to the rest of the club what it looks like to have perfect hip gyration. Dance is about the expression, it’s the joy and the passion. It’s about letting go and celebrating what you are, what you feel. Not about being a machine.

This is what Inception is about. We will bring you the precision of good technique, but we refuse to forsake the emotions and the stories that come from the human experience, from our own beating hearts. The dancers at Inception Dance Theater take technique and build upon it to tell stories that will move you, both emotionally and physically. We invite you to come see what we have to offer, to feel what we feel, and go on the journey of human experience with us, to unplug and realize how good it feels to remember that you are not a machine.

To Dance Like No One Is Watching

Last week my sister gave me an inspirational wall hanging to decorate my house. It has the words “Dance Like No One Is Watching” inscribed on it. It’s a great gift and I love it, but got me thinking a little bit about my nature as a dancer and performer. It occurred to me that to most people the idea of dancing like no one is watching is liberating, it’s what it takes for them to really let go, go all out. When people really go for it, that’s generally when their dancing is, at the very least, the most entertaining to watch.  For myself however I find that I’m at my best with eyes on me. I am a performing artist so I have to ask myself – do I want to dance like no one is watching? Martha Graham once said, “The center of the stage is where I am.” Whether she was moving or standing still she thrived in the spotlight. She didn’t dance like no one was watching, she danced in a way that made everyone watch. As performing artists it’s our aim to make a difference in the world by enriching lives through the stories we tell with our dancing. All that is fairly useless if there was no one watching.

At Inception Dance Theater we believe in total and open access. It’s our goal to make the work we do with this company to be easily accessible by the community, and it’s our hope that the community will take advantage of that access. We will always be at center stage for eyes to be on us and we invite every one to watch our dancing.

Inception: The Beginning

When a dance teacher starts a beginning level class there are many students who do not know what they can achieve. The teacher, however, does know. The teacher guides them in the process of performing these new athletic feats. The students don’t know what the possibilities are, how far they can go, how hard they can push, but if they trust the teacher, they can transform their bodies into something of a paintbrush – creating art through space and time, leaving impressions on the souls of man.
Although they are by no means beginners, this is happening at Inception Dance Theater, Seattle’s newest contemporary dance company. There is a collection of dancers who don’t know exactly what they can achieve but they have the drive and dedication to explore that frontier. To push the limits of what human bodies can do. Inception believes It doesn’t matter what body type, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation you have when it comes to creating genuine, unique, and vibrant art. This is the mission of Inception Dance Theater and the dancers there are running boldly in that direction.
When George Balanchine began his company in America he wasn’t working with professionals. Professionals were bound by the cage of their mind, believing what they could achieve had already been specified. Balanchine chose to work with students, to teach them how far they could be pushed, to teach them how far they could push themselves. In doing so he developed a dynamic new aesthetic, now known as American Neo-Classicism.
It’s time again to shatter the pre-established notions of what can be achieved with the art of dance. It’s time for dancers to to be pushed again to create new, vibrant art. It’s time for a new beginning. Inception is the beginning.